My Wonder Girl

That summer down in your basement
Everyday just you and me
Singin’ songs of adolescent inspiration
Sensations of the flesh, a mystery

Passing notes around the classroom
Everyday in summer school
Hand-in-hand we’d make it home before your parents
Would send me away feelin’ like a fool
Those long walks home felt so cruel

You came through
So real, so true
One day I will fly with you
My Wonder Girl
And we’ll leave this world

You and June hangin’ at the short stop
I was showin’ off on my BMX
A loose screw sent me down into the pavement
The rest of my week was a mess
But you carried me away from that wreck

We never had any money
We got by with a little bread
There were things that I wished that
I could have provided
But you and me, we stood the test
And that look in your eyes has no regrets